After a careful analysis of the dental technicians’ needs and 10 years of studies, research and technical assessments, LEONARDO® is born.

The products that LEONARDO® is presenting to the laboratories have all the features that acrylic teeth used in mobile and combined prosthesis should have, to grant maximized functionality and excellent aesthetic features durable in time.

A key factor on which the research for the tooth construction design has been developed is the respect of the manufacturing parameters and protocols of a prosthesis, aimed at protecting and supporting the elements that constitute the chewing apparatus.


The innovative “CERAMIC STRATIFICATION” of LEONARDO®, achieved as result of multiple laboratory and practice tests on the most complex clinical cases, has led to the realisation
of a product which is unique on the market.

Its transparency and shine make it aesthetically comparable to a latest generation ceramic.
The leading operators in the dental sector have highlighted the excellent individualization capability.

When a prosthesis is grinded, the first layer of a synthetic enamel is subjet to abrasion and
this causes, in common resin teeth, a progressive abrasive process that can compromise the tooth’s appearance and anatomic structure leading to a reduced life of the prosthesis.


LEONARDO® TEETH, thanks to the special layering combined with an innovative PMMA with high molecular weight (DCL– Double Cross Link), prevent this phenomenon and, after careful polishing, their light refraction looks like the one of the natural dental enamel.

LEONARDO® produces acrylic teeth faithfully reproducing the VITA® coloring, the most widely used in prosthetic dentistry. This allows easy matches when restoring combined prosthesis. The chromaticity is given by the whole tooth that keeps a natural look under any angle.

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